Meeting Of The Minds 2005

Here's the first installment of pics from MOTM 2005 in Key West.

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More to come...


John Frinzi, MJ and Dano jamming away at the Street Fest

MJ and Mac McAnally (Mac's the one with RED hair)

Alex Leist, John Frinzi, Doyle Grisham, Robert Greenidge and MJ backstage at the beach stage.

Bobby G and MJ

Good Times!

MJ's "Parrothead Family" at the Southernmost Guest House

The Parrotheads made sure the IRS knew where to find MJ.

Wilma's effect on the Southernmost Point.

The Southernmost Guest House, Key West.

MJ and Mona, owner of the Southernmost Guset House.

Mac with Tina and John in the background at Street Fest.

Mac McAnally and John Frinzi at Street Fest.

John Frinzi, Michael Utley, Dano and Scott Bryan.

MJ is unseen behind Mr. Utley.

Doyle Grisham, John Frinzi, MJ and Dano behind Michael Utley and Bobby G.

TC Mitchell, Mac, Bobby G and Michael Utley with Doyle on the steel.

Tina is hidden between Bobby and Mac.

Tina Gullickson adds a bit of ambience to the stage while Michael plays in the background.